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“The unlimited way of healing"


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Curso Internacional de Biomagnetismo Médico


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Dr. Isaac Goiz


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Level 1

level 2

Hotel Information
The Travel Inn Hotel
515 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212-695-7171 or 800-869-4630

For reservations please contact Nurys Compres +1 (212) 695-7171



The Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán Biomagnetism School and the Biomagnetism Research Institute, jointly aim at providing new Biomagnetists the necessary knowledge, tools and abilities to maintain and reestablish people´s good health with the Biomagnetic Pair Technique, while adhering to a set of values and social responsibility.


To be a Biomagnetism school and research center committed to the scientific, technological and innovative development of the Biomagnetic Pair. To provide support during the learning process of the technique. To certify and impose quality standards for Biomagnetist training through academic instruction. To carryout continued assessments and provide updates.


“Time will prove us right”

Is what Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, discoverer of the Biomagnetic Pair, says when he invites us to reflect on the knowledge that this new scientific and therapeutic discipline brings forth in terms of finding answers to the health problems faced by people worldwide.


- Improve teaching method by presenting the essence the Biomagnetic Pair.
- Apply new and more precise technologies and insight to the development of the Biomagnetic Pair.
- Create a worldwide network of Biomagnetists knowledgeable in the Biomagnetic Pair technique that can endeavor in providing good health according to the population´s needs.


- Train therapists so they become proficient in the Biomagnetic Pair technique with a new perspective that focuses on the health-disease relationship.

- Understand the mechanisms used in the Biomagnetic Pair technique in both levels, Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics.

- Complete the correct Level 1 and Level 2 scans during student practices.

- Analyze the possible problems that might arise during a scan to offer a real and effective solution to the health-disease processes of the population.


Focuses on the student, through a personalized teaching method that includes theory and practical training. From the start, the students learn about the Biomagnetic Pair through hands on practices that help them develop the core competence, as well as necessary skills and abilities to grow as professionals in the field of Biomagnetism.


The Biomagnetic Pair (BP) is a health facilitative technique developed by the Mexican scientist Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran more than 27 years ago. The technique focuses on eliminating the root causes of a disease, those that exacerbate it or impede rehabilitation of the patient. This is done through the application of permanent artificial magnets in different parts of the body that are in “Biomagnetic Resonance” and by adhering to the methodology prescribed by the discoverer of this technique.  With this technique it is possible to complement the medical treatment of many ailments including contagious infectious, chronic degenerative, metabolic, dysfunctional, autoimmune, psycho-emotional and tumoral diseases, as well as poisonings. The implementation of the technique reduces clinical symptoms, rehabilitates different functions of the body and reestablishes the person´s health and wellbeing. The result in many cases is a clinical improvement in the patient’s condition, without experiencing the side effects of conventional treatments, drug poisoning due to overdoses or anaphylaxis, antimicrobial resistance. It also helps reduce the risk of infection, hemorrhages or surgery complications, as well as reducing hospital stays, recovery time and rehabilitation. The Biomagnetic Pair is a simple technique that anyone can perform and that should be learned from first hand sources, so that the knowledge and information acquired can be applied properly for the good of all people.




The Level 1 Biomagnetic Pair course focuses on clinical, practical and resolution-based real solutions to health and disease issues. The course provides personalized instruction and seeks to engage the student on the Biomagnetic Pair technique from the first day with hands-on scanning practices. All questions arising through the learning process are answered, all the while verifying the student´s comprehension of needed knowledge and level of expertise with the technique.

It is a 36 hour, 5 days long course that provides for 28 hours of theory and 8 hours of hands-on in class practice.




Class 1 Biomagnetic Pair Introduction

    1. What is the Biomagnetic Pair?
    2. History of the Biomagnetic Pair
    3. Characteristics of the Biomagnetic Pair technique

Class 2 Biomagnetic Pair Technique (Biomagnetism)
2.1 Preparing
2.1.1 Preparing the area where you will work
2.2.2 Preparing the client
2.2.3 Preparing the Biomagnetist
2.2 Kinesiological Test
2.2.1 Scanning techniques
2.2.2 Types of shortenings
2.2.3 Correcting the Goiz Pair
2.3 The Scan
2.3.1 Scanning methodology
2.3.2 Placing and securing magnets
2.4 Impact
2.5 Recording Biomagnetic Pairs
2.5.1 Legal recommendations

Class 3 Anatomy of the Biomagnetic Pair
3.1 Types of Anatomy
3.2 Anatomical Position
3.3 Anatomical Planes
3.4 Anatomical Standard Terms
3.5 Abdomen Quadrants
3.6 Topographical Classification of Scanning Points
3.7 Scanning List
3.8 Scanning Points

Class 4 The Biomagnetic Pair
4.1 Magnetism
4.1.1 Prior Definitions
4.1.2 Law of Electrical Charges
4.1.3 Types of Magnets
4.1.4 Other Sciences that Study Magnets
4.2 Eukaryotic Cell
4.2.1 Prior Definitions
4.2.2 Structure and Composition
4.2.3 Cell Types and Shapes
4.2.4 Physiological Characteristics
4.3 Biomagnetic Pair Theory
4.3.1 Leg Shortening Theory
4.3.2 Depolarization Theory
4.3.3 Biomagnetic Pair Genesis Theory
4.3.4 Fundamental Concept of pH
4.3.5 Symbiosis
4.3.6 Entropy
4.3.7 Resonance
4.3.8 Reologism
4.3.9 Normal Energetic Level
4.3.10 Geomagnetic Influence on the Disease
4.3.11 Fundamental Forces of Nature
4.4 Types of Biomagnetic Pairs

Class 05 Biomagnetic Pairs (1- 25)
Class 06 Biomagnetic Pairs (26 – 50)
Class 07 Biomagnetic Pairs (51 – 75)
Class 08 Biomagnetic Pairs (76 – 100)
Class 09 Biomagnetic Pairs (101 – 125)
Class 10 Biomagnetic Pairs (126 – 150)
Class 11 Biomagnetic Pairs (151 – 175)
Class 12 Biomagnetic Pairs (176 – 210)

Class 13 Complex Diseases
13.1 Types of Scans
13.1.1 Full Scan
13.1.2 Targeted Scan
13.2 Healing Crisis
13.3 Decision Making

Class 14 The Tumoral Phenomenon
14.1 Theory of the Tumoral Phenomenon Genesis
14.2 Scanning Protocols (Biomagnetism)
14.3 Biomagnetic Pair Contraindications

Class 15 Final Recommendations
15.1 Fundamental Principles
15.1.1 Fundamental Principles of the Biomagnetic Pair
15.1.2 Fundamental Principles of the Biomagnetic Pair Technique
15.1.3 Fundamental Principles of Biomagnetism
15.2 Legal recommendations








9:00 – 11:00

Class 01

Class 04

Class 07

Class 10

Class 13

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:30

Class 02

Class 05

Class 08

Class 11

Class 14

13:30 – 15:00






15:00 – 17:00

Class 03

Class 06

Class 09

Class 12

Class 15

17:00 – 17:30

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

17:30 – 19:00

Biomagnetism Practice Session

Biomagnetism Practice Session

Biomagnetism Practice Session

Biomagnetism Practice Session




1.- Technical degree, college degree or résumé (submit a copy)
2.- Registration fee payment (discount available for returning students)


  • A pair of magnets.
  • The Biomagnetic Pair book by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.
  • Student Training Manual (Level 1) by Dr. David Goiz Martínez. 
  • Access code to online support material.
  • Level 1 Certified Diploma from the Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran” Biomagnetism School


  • Student Training Manual (Level 1) by Dr. David Goiz Martinez.
  • Access code to online support material.
  • Level 1 Certified Diploma from the Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran” Biomagnetism School (extra $100 USD)




Class 16 Bioenergetics Introduction
16.1 What is Bioenergetics?
16.2 History of Bioenergetics
16.3 Bioenergetics Characteristics

Class 17 Biomagnetic Pair Technique (Bioenergetics and Telebioenergetics)
17.1 Preparing
17.1.1 Preparing the area where you will work
17.2.2 Preparing the client
17.2.3 Preparing the Biomagnetist
17.2 Kinesiological Test
17.2.1 Scanning techniques
17.2.2 Types of shortenings
17.2.3 Correcting the Goiz Pair (without magnets)
17.3 The Scan
17.3.1 Scanning Methodology
17.3.2 Placing and securing magnets
17.4 Impact
17.5 Recording Biomagnetic Pairs
17.5.1 Record Sheet
17.5.2 Biomagnetic Pair Statistics
17.5.3 Legal recommendations

Class 18 Anatomy of the Biomagnetic Pair
18.1 Scanning Points Level 2
18.2 Scanning Points Technique

Class 19 Bioenergetics
19.1 Biomagnetic Pair Neurophysiology
19.1.1 Leg Shortening Theories
19.1.2 Depolarization  Theories
19.1.3 Biomagnetic Pair Genesis Theories
19.2 El Cuerpo Energético
19.2.1 Fundamental Principle of Bioenergetics
19.2.2 Fundamental Principle of Energetic Development
19.2.3 Fundamental Principle of Emotional Development


Class 20 Biomagnetic Pairs (211 - 235)
Class 21 Biomagnetic Pairs (236 – 260)
Class 22 Biomagnetic Pairs (261 – 285)
Class 23 Biomagnetic Pairs (286 – 310)
Class 24 Biomagnetic Pairs (311 – 330)
Class 25 Cellular Lesion
25.1 Adaptve Immune Response
25.2 Vascular Complications

Class 26 Scanning Protocols (Part 1)
26.1 Scanning Protocols (Bioenergetics)
26.2 Types of Scans
26.3 Decision Making
26.4 Contraindications (Bioenergetics)

Class 27 Scanning Protocols (Part 2)
27.1 Maximums and Minimums Technique
27.2 Magnetoresistance Phenomenon
27.3 Techniques for Biomagnetic Pair Discovery

Class 28 Mathematical Analysis of the Biomagnetic Pair (Part 1)
28.1 Sets Algebra
28.2 Mathematical Equations and Sets
28.3 Number Sets
28.4 The Real Line
28.5 Mathematical Induction

Class 29 Mathematical Analysis of the Biomagnetic Pair (Part 2)
29.6 Functions
29.7 Triangle Inequality
29.8 Highest Level, Ultimate and Supreme Component
29.9 Archimedean Property
29.10 Telebioenergetics Introduction

Class 30 Final Recommendations
30.1 Fundamental Principles
30.1.1 Fundamental Principle of Bioenergetics
30.1.2 Fundamental Principle of Energetic Development
30.1.3 Fundamental Principle of Emotional Development
30.2 Legal recommendations







9:00 – 11:00

Class 16

Class 19

Class 22

Class 25

Class 28

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:30

Class 17

Class 20

Class 23

Class 26

Class 29

13:30 – 15:00






15:00 – 17:00

Class 18

Class 21

Class 24

Class 27

Class 30

17:00 – 17:30

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

17:30 – 19:00

Bioenergetics Practice Session

Bioenergetics Practice Session

Bioenergetics Practice Session

Bioenergetics Practice Session




1. Completion of Level 1 Course with Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran or any other Biomagnetic Pair certified instructor.
2. Registration fee payment (discount available for returning students).


  • Student Training Manual (Level 2) by Dr. David Goiz Martinez
  • Access code to online support material
  • Level 2 Certified Diploma from the Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran” Biomagnetism School (returning students extra $100 USD)


$ 1,600 USD Biomagnetism Level 1.
$ 1,600 USD Bioenergetics Level 2.
$ 2,400 USD Students taking both courses for the first time.
$ 800 USD Returning Students each course.
$ 1,200 USD Returning Students taking both courses.
$ 1,800 USD Returning students taking Level 1 and taking Level 2 for the first time.
Get an extra 25% off for every extra first time student you invite and register. Therefore, if you invite and register 4 first time students you will be taking the course for free.

Please coordinate your payment and registrations with the organizers.

Lunch not included. There are many places within walking distance or you can have lunch at the hotel.

+1 (212) 242-2315
+1 646-708-2092
www.biomagnetismo.biz  and  www.goizbiomagnetism.com

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Foundation for Alternative and Integrative
Medicine Centro de Biomagnetismo Medicinal, EC
Goizian Bioenergetic Center NY
Centro de Investigación de Biomagnetismo Médico, S.C. México DF.

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine, Los Centros de Biomagnetismo de Quito, NY y México, con la autorización del Dr. Isaac Goiz, descubridor del Par Biomagnético, les invita cordialmente a participar en el próximo seminario de I Nivel de Biomagnetismo a realizarse en la ciudad de NY desde el día Martes 1 de Septiembre a Sábado 5 de Septiembre del 2015, entre las 10:00 AM hasta las 6:00 PM

El Curso será dictado por:

Gustavo Guayasamin, pionero y precursor del Biomagnetismo en Latinoamérica.
Linda Loor, Dra. en Medicina, primera Microbióloga Biomagnetista.

El Curso está dirigido a Terapeutas y Médicos relacionados con la medicina alternativa:

Terapias en Salud, Reflexología, Iridología, Salud Respiratoria, Acupuntura, Masajes, Aromaterapia, Esencias Florales de Bach, Terapia deQuelación, Quiropráctica, Remedios Herbarios, Hidroterapia, Terapia de Movimiento y Ejercicio, Terapia Nutricional, Osteopatía, Reiki /medicina de la energía, Kinesiología, Tacto Terapéutico,  Medicina tradicional China (TCM) / Medicina Oriental Tradicional, Ayurveda,Homeopatía, Naturopatía, y cualquier otro especialista de la Salud.

Costo del Seminario $1200 para nuevos estudiantes, $450 para estudiantes que han tomado previamente el curso. El evento incluye 2 breaks, libro “El Par Biomagnético”del Dr. Isaac Goiz y un par de imanes terapéuticos para práctica. Se entregará el Certificado Respaldado por el Centro de Investigación de Biomagnetismo Medico, S. C.
El Seminario será en Español con traducción simultánea al Inglés.

Nos harán sentir agradecidos con su presencia.

Coordinadores del evento:

Emilio Guayasamin                (646) 708-2092  dvdemil@msn.com 
Martha Cedillo AHC. MH        (201) 719-6023  marthced@yahoo.com

Goizian Bioenergetic Center
407 Fairview Avenue.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

RSVPEste seminario tiene un número limitado de asistentes


Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
Centro de Biomagnetismo Medicinal, EC
Goizian Bioenergetic Center NY
Centro de Investigación de Biomagnetismo Médico, S.C.  México DF.

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine, The Centers  of Biomagnetism in Quito, NY and Mexico, with the permission of Dr. IsaacGoiz, discoverer of The BiomagneticPair, cordially invites you to attend our next 1st  Level Biomagnetism Workshop to be held in New York City from Tuesday September 1st to Saturday September 5th 2015, between10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The course will be taught by:

Gustavo Guayasamin, a pioneer and precursor of Biomagnetism in Latin America.
Linda Loor MD, first Microbiologist and Biomagnetism Specialist.

This course is oriented to therapists and physicians associated with alternative medicine:

Health Therapists, Reflexology, Iridology, Respiratory Health, Acupuncture, Massages, Aromatherapy, Bach flower essences, Chelation therapy, Chiropractic, Herbal remedies, Hydrotherapy, Movement and exercise therapy, Nutrition therapy, Osteopathy, Reiki/energy medicine, Kinesiology, Therapeutic touch, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) / Traditional Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and any other Health Specialists.

Workshop Price $1200. In the event is included 2 breaks. Dr. Isaac Goiz’s book “The Biomagnetic Pair” and one pair or therapeutic magnets. The assistants will receive the CIBM certificate.
This event will be in Spanish with English simultaneous translation.  
Please make us feel grateful with your presence.

Event Coordinators:
Emilio Guayasamin                  (646) 708-2092 dvdemil@msn.com
Martha Cedillo AHC. MH        (201) 719-6023  marthced@yahoo.com

Goizian Bioenergetic Center
407 Fairview Ave.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

RSVP. This seminar has a limited number of assistants.








What is Biomagnetism?Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran

Biomagnetic therapy, which was discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz, enriches the world of alternative medicine and blends in perfectly with kinesiology, allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, iridology, or any other medical system.

It allows us to detect, classify, measure and correct the fundamental changes of pH (potential of hydrogen) that can be caused by microbial pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), as well as organ and glandular dysfunction.

In addition, Biomagnetic therapy is a system that is iatrogenic, non-invasive and non-toxic. There is no need for medication with this procedure therefore there are no prescribed dosages of any particular medicine. There is no need to inject anything or to extract anything.
It is a simple procedure that puts into balance the internal energy of the body, specifically, that of pH levels.

The pH is the proportion of hydrogen ions that are within a substance and in the body, it is important that they remain in balance.

By way of Bio-magnetic therapy, one can neutralize the pH in an affected organ and restore it back to its normal energy level (pH Level); making signs and symptoms, anything pathological, disappear.

With this therapy it is possible to treat the following imbalances:

Nervous system (i.e. stress, depression, anxiety, emotions and insomnia).

Respiratory system (i.e. cough, flu, influenza, allergies, bronchitis, colds).

In addition, it also treats joint pain, inflammation, circulation, stomach problems, digestion, gastritis, gastric ulcer, immune system, diabetes, obesity, liver problems, kidney stones and gallstones, among others.

It also allows us to obtain benefits such as:

  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Increasing the partial pressure of oxygen.
  • Increase in the synthesis of collagen (a substance that binds all the tissues of the body).
  • Increases the synthesis of RNA (ribonucleic acid).
  • Stimulates osteoblastosis accelerating the reformation of affected bones.
  • Helps the absorption of calcium in decalcified bone.
  • Increases immunoglobulin modifying leukocytes by stimulating the body's immune system.
  • Stimulates protein generation (Formation of protein in the body's major tissues such as in the heart)
  • And the list goes on.
By maintaining the pH of our bodies we keep ourselves healthy and bodies in balance; we would rarely contract diseases that may cause us harm.


¿Qué es el Biomagnetismo?

El tratamiento con imanes que descubrió el Dr. Isaac Goiz, enriquece a todas la medicinas alternativas y es perfectamente conjugable con la kinesiología, alopatía, homeopatía, naturopatía, herbolaria, acupuntura, iridiología o cualquier otro tipo de sistema medicinal.

El Biomagnetismo nos permite detectar, clasificar, medir y corregir las alteraciones fundamentales del pH (Potencial de Hidrógeno) que pueden ser causadas por microorganismos patógenos (virus, bacterias, hongos y parásitos), así como también disfunciones orgánicas y glandulares.

El Biomagnetismo es un sistema que no es iatrogénico no es invasivo no es tóxico. No hay dosis máximas ni mínimas. No inyecta nada, no extrae nada. Simplemente nivela la energía interna del organismo y específicamente el pH.

El pH es la proporción de hidrogeniones que guardan las substancias y que en el organismo tiene que estar equilibrado.

Al utilizar el Biomagnetismo se neutralizan los órganos afectados regresando a su nivel de energia normal y desaparece la sintomatologia, la patologia, y la signología.

Con esta terapia se pueden tratar problemas del sistema nervioso (nervios, estrés, depresión, ansiedad, emociones, insomnio). Vías respiratorias (gripe, tos, influenza, alergias, bronquitis, catarro). Dolores en las articulaciones, inflamaciones, circulación, problemas estomacales, digestión gastritis, úlcera gástrica, sistema inmunológico, diabetes, obesidad, problemas de hígado, cálculos renales y biliares, entre otros.

Además nos permite obtener beneficios como:

  • Incremento de la circulación arterial.
  • Incremento de la presión parcial de oxígeno.
  • Incremento de la síntesis de colágena (sustancia que une todos los tejidos del organismo).
  • Incrementa la síntesis de RNA (Acido ribonucléico).
  • Estimula la osteoblastosis, acelerando la reformación de huesos afectados.
  • Ayuda a la asimilación de calcio en los huesos descalcificados.
  • Aumentan los leucocitos modificando las inmunoglobulinas, estimulando el sistema inmunológico del organismo.
  • Estimula la proteinogénesis (Formación de proteínas en los tejidos más importantes del organismo, como el corazón
  • Entre otros.
Al mantener el pH de nuestro cuerpo equilibrado nos mantendremos sanos y difícilmente las enfermedades nos podran causar daño..